Puтяι ' ѕ AмιgOѕ ! ^.^\m/


  The only acception is the family section. No other way to be happy except home and be with your loved one. THESE ARE MY FAMILY. =]

We all know that ,

Heel Hell yeah! It's a heaven! Now, I'm gonna tell you guys bout my FAB FAMILY. =]

 [ just a short description ] 

Abah -
HE LOVES ME . He's very nice, sometimes SOMETIMES! funny, strict, hardworking, loves to watch 'OPERA VAN JAVA', loves to read 'BERITA ONLINE', loves eating Mee Maggie(put's recipe), very responsible , and I LOVE HIM.
Looks : Have mustache, small eyes, big nose. (down, number one)

Mak -
SHE LOVES ME . She's the best mom!, she cooks well, not like any mother!, friendly, nice, hardworking, loves to hear songs, love Korean movies, and I LOVE HER.
Looks : Tubby (it's cute!), small eyes. (down, number three)

Kakak -
I DON'T KNOW SHE LOVES ME OR NOT . She's beautiful , nice(sometimes), loves taking photos, love to dance, she sings along when I'm singing, sometimes WEIRD, and I LOVE HER(sometimes...LOL)
Looks : Small eyes, wear spectackles. (up, number one)

Done . : )

♥ I love you ♥