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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Short entry ; Haters.


Hello there, awesome readers! Well, as you can see. Today I'm writing with normal sizes. LOL. Okay, we're not going to chat here. So..straight to the point!
HERE WE GO . . .
Today I received a text from another one of my 'haters'. There's an unknown number text me and it said, (translated) "Hey! Don't think that you're so good!! Many people hates you, you idiot! You're show off! You always walked with boys!! Eww you're too obsessed with boys!! You suck! Don't ever come in my life ever again!''
WTF?! Dude, when will this thing stops? Don't you ever get tired of hating people? -___-''
First, when do you see I'm show off-ing? HELL-o! It's my money, not YOUR's! I didn't bought stuffs with your money, did I? Just say it, you're just jealous! And second, what's the big deal of saying me, walking with boys? Hey, that's my friend! And obsessed with boys? They're just my friend OK? Plus, who do you think you are? My guardian? Get you own life, suckers.

So anyway , HATERS , I got something to tell you ; (and about the text too, btw) 

I want you to know that..
I keep it real, and that's a promise.
I may be a b*tch to you, but I'm still honest.
When I walked past, you stop and stare.
Well, keep on looking 'cause I DON'T CARE!
I have my own life and style.
Not trying to please you or making you smile!
 You may said I'm ugly, but hey! That's ME. Not YOU!
You talk mad sh*t behind my back.
Be a big girl and say it to my face.
If you can't walk the walk,
so don't bother to TALK THE TALK!
You get me ?

And that's for my HATERS ! Grr! Huh. Okay, I'm good now.
Okay HATERS,  I wish you had a happy life with your family and friends. May God bless you always. Amin. :)


So I'm off now. Bye! Assalam.

♥ I love you ♥

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