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Saturday, June 18, 2011

18 June - Celebrating my birthday.

Assalamu'alaikum semua.

HOLLO ! As you know, my birthday is on 16th June. WHAT? YOU DON'T KNOW? Check the 'About me' section! Okay, okay. I celebrated my birthday yesterday, which is 18th June. We celebrated my birthday PLUS father's day. Abah, selamat hari abah! Sayang abah! Muahmuah! XD

First of history >> abah bacakan doa selamat. Whoo. This is the first time abah bace doa selamat tau! Well, that's his history. Well done, abah! :)

Anyway , IT WAS A BLAST! Check out my birthday cake.

Me !
One word, YUMMY! Yeah, it's delicious. American chocolate :) --do I have to say it? HAHA--

Oh by the way, the party is amazing. It's kinda like a kiddo's party. HAHA. It's full of colorful balloons. I...love balloons :3

And here goes the BALLOON'S BLOWER.

HAHA. My cousin says, ''Jangan la gambar time orang nak tiup balloon. Nampak macam orang nak pengsan je'' (translated)
Hehe, sorry. BUT I HAVE TO TAKE THE PICTURE! Muahahahak >;D

Sooner or later, a lot of people came. Tapi kawan PA cume tige orang je yang datang. Yang lain busy. Huhu.

Naie, me and Mae. Err, mane Fika erk? XD

Fika, me, Naie and Mae :)

us. . . again ;D
 Dalam banyak2 gambar tu kan, PA paling suke gambar nih ;

me, Naie, Mae and Fika. Ehh, nape Fika lompat ke tak lompat tu?

Wooooooohoooooooo!! Syok nye. Mae, Naie, Fika, me and sis.
 Five word, BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST! Wahaha. PA suke lompat. Saya suka saya suka XD

Introducing...the crazies.

Okay. Enough with the photos. Nak tau sape orang top ten yang wish PA? Tak nak tau, blah! HOHO. Eeeeeeviiiiiiil!

First top ten people who wish me 
  •  Safwa - malam sebelum Harijadi dah ucap -.-' thankyou, anyway :D
  • Nick - What should I say? THANKYOU NICK! bffae.
  • Mommy - bangun pagi je terus jerit HAPPY BIRTHDAY ;)
  • Abah - nyanyi happy birthday! HAHA, ugly voice XD but I really appreciate it. :3
  • Kakak - ye ke ? I think la. XD
  • Naie - Awal pagi datang kelas terus nyanyi happy birthday ;D
  • Mae, Ika, Yaya - datang same2 and wish me birthday. Thankyou. ^^
  • Kathy - selepas dengar orang wish PA, kathy terus datang and ucap happy birthday. HAHA, thanks :)
 Dah ! Tu je la orang top ten yang wish PA.

Not forgetting those other people. THANKYOU, SEMUA! :*

Okay, okay. bye. Nak out dulu. Assalam :)

♥ I love you ♥

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