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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Last Friday.

Assalamu'alaikum wbt ! Hi peeps ! Ssup? HAHA.
So anyway, last Friday, my friend (Fika) and I make a video for my vlog. We were crazy! You know why? We sneaked in 3 classes! Whoops~ I can't tell you what classes we're sneaking! HAHA. Evil! BUT-- I think I should put it later. We got to fix the sound of the video. Well, probably because of the cracking voice. Yeah. My voice is too close to the phone and causing it sounded like a robot!

Wanna know what we're doing there? We're studying. Really, really studying! EXACTLY! I thought she lied about studying HAHA SORRY FIKA! 

I wrote that ! HAHAH.

We're gonna have a REALLY-HARD-TEST-FOR-ME next week. And by next week, I mean -- by TOMORROW. Yeah. I probably should study right now. No worries. I studied yesterday. FULL DAY OF STUDYING. InsyaAllah, I'll get good result. Amin.

We're studying - PJK , Geography and BM paper 2.
It's hard . . really hard.

Ohh! Before we leave the class, we also took two pictures of us. HAHA SEMPAT!

Fact ; I may look fat. But FYI, she's fatter than me ! :P

HAHA , yeah. We both have small eyes. -..-

Ohh! And er , we also 'conteng papan itam'. HAHA.

I made this ! [ of course ]

made by Fika HAHA KANTOI!
Just remembered ! I have a boss now. He said I'm his manager. NEVER SAY NEVER. HAHA! ;)

Okay , tata titi tutu !

* OOG ! (oh our God) PA lupe la ! I supposed to speak in Malay! Oh well. Never mind. :P

♥ I love you ♥

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