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Saturday, May 14, 2011

He's just . . . a friend. A good one.

Assalamu'alaikum w.b.t readers. YESTERDAY WAS A FAIRYTALE! [?]

[PA akan cakap dlm bahase english. Sape yg rase menyampah, boleh OUT SEKARANG!]

Ohh readers. I don't know how to explain. But everytime I saw him, I am surely melted. [?]

I don't know WHY HOW WHAT is the matter with me?

He's JUST a friend. But why oh why? -..-

So, here's the story . . .
So , Azah, Fika, Fatin,  Kathy, Syaza, someone idk and I, went to 1B class yesterday to decorate our class. I bring some stickers and it's nice :3
Then , before we want to go downstairs I SAW HIM.
It's raining and I thought he can't make it. He's walking to school - wet! It's very touching HAHA *puii*
And , ohh let me make an anime pic of us XD

LOL , if ''HE'' sees this, he will absolutely know that I talked about him. Well, I don't know he reads it EVERYDAY or not. But sometimes, he reads it.
So, eherm : Hi, ''him''! This is just nothing OK. We're just friends. But this doesn't make any sense. (hey, it rhimes!) My friends, they talk to me like..........you're 'a big part' of my life. -..-?

Ohh! And about the pic. Let me put out the conversations here.

(Language : Sarawak -> English)
PA : OMG! Tin, look! It's him!
Tin : Whatever. Is he your boyfriend?
Azah and Kath : Argh! You guys are so romantic!
Fika and Za : He's so cute!!
All (except me) : Is he? Is he? Is he your boyfriend?
PA : NO he is not! -..-
All (except me) : liar..liar..pant's on fire!

what the? GUYS!
just a friend! just a friend.
just a friend. just a friend!
How many times I have told you? He is NOT my -whatyouthinkheis- ! He's just A FRIEND of mine. A very good one! I like TO BE FRIENDS with him! And not more than that! (I hope)
I like him BUT ONLY AS A FRIEND. (I guess)
 Well, he's fun to be a guy-friend (for me)

He's funny, brave(a lil), smart, have a big dream(I always support him) and he's sort tha' cute (HEY THAT'S A COMPLIMENT!)

- Bye - I'm out ! Talk with ya later ! :)

♥ I love you ♥

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