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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy Teacher's Day !

Assalamu'alaikum wbt and HI PEEPS !
At last ! I can face my lappy. Wee. So, today I'm going to tell you about TEACHER'S DAY. Of course it's pretty random to you guys. But hey, if you are a teacher (ONEDAY) , how would you feel if your student doesn't give OR EVEN WISH you a teacher's day? They would be very upset.

Okay okay , back to story .

So, as I was saying . . .
I would like to wish my last-year teacher and my new-year teacher! I miss my FAVOURITE TEACHER SO MUCH! Her name is Madam Alice. I miss her super duper wuper cuper tuper buper ALOT!

I want to meet her and greet her. But my mommy doesn't let me to go to my old school. Poor me. But I have to be obedient 'CAUSE I'M A GOOD GIRL. Muahaha~

 BAHA. That's the memories of us
Whoo , I look like her . . . scary. BUT I LOVE IT!

'' Bermula A B C sampai Z.. Hitung 1 sampai 10..''
Ohh man. I miss that one so much! We used to sing it every year when Teacher's Day. Well, I'm not sure 'bout this year.

My GF (guy-friend) just texted me! He said my last-year classmate is still using his MICKEY MOUSE notebook that Mdm Alice gave last year. I still have mine. I will never throw it away. :)
*ohh and mine is HELLO KITTY ! Hehe.

Okay, just noticing I'm about to make long entries now. So, go on now. I'm leaving. I FORGOT IT IS ABOUT TO EXAM! Gotta study. Bye!
*my Maths tropical got 96% ! Wee :)
♥ I love you ♥

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