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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Last Friday.

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Assalamu'alaikum wbt ! Hi peeps ! Ssup? HAHA.
So anyway, last Friday, my friend (Fika) and I make a video for my vlog. We were crazy! You know why? We sneaked in 3 classes! Whoops~ I can't tell you what classes we're sneaking! HAHA. Evil! BUT-- I think I should put it later. We got to fix the sound of the video. Well, probably because of the cracking voice. Yeah. My voice is too close to the phone and causing it sounded like a robot!

Wanna know what we're doing there? We're studying. Really, really studying! EXACTLY! I thought she lied about studying HAHA SORRY FIKA! 

I wrote that ! HAHAH.

We're gonna have a REALLY-HARD-TEST-FOR-ME next week. And by next week, I mean -- by TOMORROW. Yeah. I probably should study right now. No worries. I studied yesterday. FULL DAY OF STUDYING. InsyaAllah, I'll get good result. Amin.

We're studying - PJK , Geography and BM paper 2.
It's hard . . really hard.

Ohh! Before we leave the class, we also took two pictures of us. HAHA SEMPAT!

Fact ; I may look fat. But FYI, she's fatter than me ! :P

HAHA , yeah. We both have small eyes. -..-

Ohh! And er , we also 'conteng papan itam'. HAHA.

I made this ! [ of course ]

made by Fika HAHA KANTOI!
Just remembered ! I have a boss now. He said I'm his manager. NEVER SAY NEVER. HAHA! ;)

Okay , tata titi tutu !

* OOG ! (oh our God) PA lupe la ! I supposed to speak in Malay! Oh well. Never mind. :P

♥ I love you ♥

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy Teacher's Day !

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Assalamu'alaikum wbt and HI PEEPS !
At last ! I can face my lappy. Wee. So, today I'm going to tell you about TEACHER'S DAY. Of course it's pretty random to you guys. But hey, if you are a teacher (ONEDAY) , how would you feel if your student doesn't give OR EVEN WISH you a teacher's day? They would be very upset.

Okay okay , back to story .

So, as I was saying . . .
I would like to wish my last-year teacher and my new-year teacher! I miss my FAVOURITE TEACHER SO MUCH! Her name is Madam Alice. I miss her super duper wuper cuper tuper buper ALOT!

I want to meet her and greet her. But my mommy doesn't let me to go to my old school. Poor me. But I have to be obedient 'CAUSE I'M A GOOD GIRL. Muahaha~

 BAHA. That's the memories of us
Whoo , I look like her . . . scary. BUT I LOVE IT!

'' Bermula A B C sampai Z.. Hitung 1 sampai 10..''
Ohh man. I miss that one so much! We used to sing it every year when Teacher's Day. Well, I'm not sure 'bout this year.

My GF (guy-friend) just texted me! He said my last-year classmate is still using his MICKEY MOUSE notebook that Mdm Alice gave last year. I still have mine. I will never throw it away. :)
*ohh and mine is HELLO KITTY ! Hehe.

Okay, just noticing I'm about to make long entries now. So, go on now. I'm leaving. I FORGOT IT IS ABOUT TO EXAM! Gotta study. Bye!
*my Maths tropical got 96% ! Wee :)
♥ I love you ♥

Saturday, May 14, 2011

He's just . . . a friend. A good one.

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Assalamu'alaikum w.b.t readers. YESTERDAY WAS A FAIRYTALE! [?]

[PA akan cakap dlm bahase english. Sape yg rase menyampah, boleh OUT SEKARANG!]

Ohh readers. I don't know how to explain. But everytime I saw him, I am surely melted. [?]

I don't know WHY HOW WHAT is the matter with me?

He's JUST a friend. But why oh why? -..-

So, here's the story . . .
So , Azah, Fika, Fatin,  Kathy, Syaza, someone idk and I, went to 1B class yesterday to decorate our class. I bring some stickers and it's nice :3
Then , before we want to go downstairs I SAW HIM.
It's raining and I thought he can't make it. He's walking to school - wet! It's very touching HAHA *puii*
And , ohh let me make an anime pic of us XD

LOL , if ''HE'' sees this, he will absolutely know that I talked about him. Well, I don't know he reads it EVERYDAY or not. But sometimes, he reads it.
So, eherm : Hi, ''him''! This is just nothing OK. We're just friends. But this doesn't make any sense. (hey, it rhimes!) My friends, they talk to me like..........you're 'a big part' of my life. -..-?

Ohh! And about the pic. Let me put out the conversations here.

(Language : Sarawak -> English)
PA : OMG! Tin, look! It's him!
Tin : Whatever. Is he your boyfriend?
Azah and Kath : Argh! You guys are so romantic!
Fika and Za : He's so cute!!
All (except me) : Is he? Is he? Is he your boyfriend?
PA : NO he is not! -..-
All (except me) : liar..liar..pant's on fire!

what the? GUYS!
just a friend! just a friend.
just a friend. just a friend!
How many times I have told you? He is NOT my -whatyouthinkheis- ! He's just A FRIEND of mine. A very good one! I like TO BE FRIENDS with him! And not more than that! (I hope)
I like him BUT ONLY AS A FRIEND. (I guess)
 Well, he's fun to be a guy-friend (for me)

He's funny, brave(a lil), smart, have a big dream(I always support him) and he's sort tha' cute (HEY THAT'S A COMPLIMENT!)

- Bye - I'm out ! Talk with ya later ! :)

♥ I love you ♥

Saturday, May 7, 2011

SICK is the thing I hate most!

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Assalamu'alaikum wbt.

Hi, gang. What's up? I'm totally SICK right now. I hate it damn much :(

I have my running nose BADLY since last night. And it just became WORST this morning. I can't stop sneezing and (argh!) those running nose! It makes me all dizzy!

Well, about the pic shown above, it's not that bad. It's just, just.. WORST THAN THAT!
Ya betul. Memang tak seteruk tu, tapi LEBIH TERUK.

My handkerchief is getting wetter and wetter. EWW, THAT'S DISGUSTING! Now I'm using my fifth handkerchief. HAHAHA

Okay! Now I'm sneeeeeezing again. Say BLESS YOU, will you?

PA nak makan ubat dulu. - doakan PA supaye cepat sembuh ye. Dah la esok nak sekolah. Aiyoyo.

Dalam keadaan PA yang amat menge-STRESS-kan nih, takde sorang pun kawan PA yang mesej tanye khabar. Sodeh nyo ;(

Takpe, takde kecik hati pun. PA bukannye ade kawan sejati. KAWAN SEJATI? Ohh ho. Memang susah nak cari true friend kat dunie ni.

True friend DOESN'T exist. Exactly.

Kalo ade pon, orang tu memang bertuah. Macam one person that I knew, Kak Ira. Die orang nye baik sesangat dengan kakak PA. So, maybe die boleh dikatekan 'true friend' kakak PA.

EH EH , back to topic !

ISH - Hingus wa melelehh lagi. MAKKKKK! Tolong lapkan yer? hihihi SAYANG MAK! XD

Ish ish ish. Penat tol ngan hidung ni hah. Cube la PA sihat 24 hours! GERAM.

Kalo korang nak tau, sebenarnye PA memang dah lame sakit TAPI TAK PERNAH SEMBUH2. PA start running nose sejak tahun 4 lagi. Haa, tak caye? Anda boleh tanye kawan2 PA yg same sekolah ngan PA dulu. Tiap2 hari bawak handkerchief. Kalo lupe, Tudung lah jadi mangse nye HIHIHI. 

Ingat time tahun 4 dulu, abah tanye ''YA ALLAH. APE BENDE BULAT2 BASAH KAT TUDUNG KO NI? MESTI HINGUS NI! NGAKU CEPAT!'' HAHA, yepp. Sudah pasti la, abah. HEHE ;)

So, selepas takut akan abah marah lagi, hari seterusnye kalo lupe bawak handkerchief, LANGSIR KELAS yang akan jadi mangse nye. MUAHAHAHA. Uits, this is our secret tau! HEHE.

* Ohh btw , kemarin PA tengok cerite MERONG MAHAWANGSA. Cayalah! Memang best giler cite tu! Haa, dah la best, giler lagi tu ;)

Buh-bye. I think I need a rest now. Assalam~
♥ I love you ♥

Happy Mommy Day !

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Assalamu'alaikum wbt ! I have an emotional story to tell, yesterday. But I think I shouldn't do that. So... Hi peeps! How are you today? Have you gone out with your family to celebrate Mommy @ Mother's Day, yet? Well I have. We celebrated it at SugarBun this morning. Ohh, and the food was DE-LI-CIOUS! Oh yeah. XD


Happy Mommy Day to my mommy, I love you so so so so so so so so so so much! You're just as awesome as always be!
Mommy, I want you to know...that you are the queen of my heart

But, there's something that always make me mad at you. I don't wanna share it out here. Althought of ''that'', I still love you and I hope you do, as well. (of course you do!) 

Dear mommy,
(Bismillah) - PA harap mommy panjang umur, murah rezeki, semakin 'cute' tetapi SIHAT (InsyaALLAH) PA sangat2 sayang mommy! Mommy lah segale-gale nye bagi PA! Lastly, makkk! SAYE SAYANG MAK!


Okay, PA kene out dulu. Mungkin malam ni, or esok, PA buat post baru. Bye! Assalam :) 

♥ I love you ♥