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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

OMG , Farina Yasmin !

Assalamu'alaikum wbt .

Hey peepstars! Today I'm gonna tell you about my old pal. Talking about old, yeah it's PRETTY OLD. It's Farina Yasmin! Hey Farina! Hope you're reading this, now. HAHA.

  • Pretty
  • Nice
  • A true friend
  • She remembers me!
  • Did I mention she's pretty? SHE'S DAMN GORGEOUS!
  • O - M - G ! I'm speechless :)

There she is. GLARING AT ME. Beautiful! Damn gorgeous! :]

Actually, when I first make my Facebook, I did search for her. BUT THE PROBLEM IS THAT: I forgot her name. But my daddy still remember her. Well, he remembers her dad's name, not her's.
*HAHA, boh marah Farina!* :]

Hmm , we challenged ourselves to make long entries. Well, I, challenged her. He..he.. I love her blog, you know. :]

I remember when I used to play with her and our gang. Farina, Erna and I. The other one is might be Janette or Amira. We all are in different school now. We're all separated! (Except Erna)

When we were in kinder garden, Farina used to call me., like EVERYDAY. Sort tha? Yeah! We talked a loooot. I miss the moment with her. It would be fun if she is still in the same school as I am! Few of my friends knew her! Probably because of they were in the same primary school.

  The coolest thing about her is that -- she remembers me(most people forget their old pals you know!), she knows about my broken hand and asks me how is it now, SHE'S CARING! Awesome as always be ;]

  I challenged her to make long entries, but me myself..do not? L.O.L.
Sorry, Farina. Nothing to do with this. Hehe.

A letter to Farina . . .
Sorry Farina! Can't make any more longer entries! I guess that it's a tie! HAHA. :]

You're a true friend, you're here 'til the end.

p/s : I've read your entry. I love it. Thankyou.

♥ I love you ♥


  1. hahaha , me to , i can't make longer entries . idk what to say . speechless . n yep , it's a tie . hohoho . anyway , this entri make me blush a lot you know ! hahahaha but it's okay . i don't mind :) i-heart-you-to ! <3

  2. heyy. thanks for mention my name. just love to see ERNA here and there. nice friends you got. may your friendship with her last forever. =)

  3. Farina, I heart you more! ♥ haha :D
    Sis Erna, haha. thankyou. :]