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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Legend Of The Toilet Ghost.

  Hey readers. I just finished watch the Korean Drama, My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho. Perfect as always. (L.O.L) So I just came by to do my blogging!

Wonder why I put the title ''Legend Of The Toilet Ghost''? Well, I have put this as my post few months ago. But it's been deleted (by me). It is suppose to be written in Malay. But I'm still gonna use English! English is fun!

Anyway, here it goes . . .

This is a true story based on the newspaper I've read few years ago...

two best friends .

  It happens when a guy named John (as I remember), who lives in a big house with his best friend, Sebastian. (sorry.I don't remember his friend's name.) died. John is a guy who really likes to go to the toilet. One day when he died, he gives his house to Sebastian. Sebastian hired a mad maid(guy) to help him in his daily activities. (As I can remember. Don't blame me!)

  One night when Sebastian was fast asleep, his maid is cleaning up the kitchen table. Then he heard something near the toilet. At first he doesn't care about the sound as if he thinks it is only a cat making stupid noises or either Sebastian is in the toilet. So, he doesn't care much.

He continued on cleaning the table. . .

  Suddenly, he heard the voices again, for the second time! And at that moment he felt suspicious. He slowly went near the toilet...

He opened the door . . .
''Eiiiiiiiikkkkkkhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!'', sound the door as if it is wreck. Then he saw something...something's dark and moving sitting inside the toilet!

  ''Sir?'' he cried. ''Is that you, sir?''. (Well, I forgot to mention he's an old man, so he sees stuff not clear enough.) The dark moving thingy just look down and moving his body left..right..left..right.. Then the thingy asked him to get the tissues for him. (maybe he's defecating? Yeah)

  So the old man just give him the tissues. The moving thingy then asked him to get out. He quickly get out and went to the living room. Then suddenly...

''Ouch!'' Sebastian and the old man cried. ''Oh, sorry sir! Have you been out of the toilet?'' The old man continue. ''Toilet? I'm just about to go there now.''
Then it was just a silence happened.

  ''But sir...never mind.'' His suspicious were shown in his face. It's impossible!

If Sebastian wasn't in there, so who was? Then he realized that the thingy was not Sebastian. (He only remembers the moving thingy's body shaped and his hair.) It's other thing..other living things..other person..other ghost? He started to think.

  It was midnight and they both asleep.

  The next morning, the old man told Sebastian about what he saw in the toilet last night. Sebastian's eyes were rugose. Then he quickly stands up and searched for his photo album. After a few minutes, Sebastian shows a picture of him with his best friend, John. The old man open his eyes widely and scream ''That's him! That's the guy I saw!''

  Sebastian told the old man that the guy has dead. He loves to go to the toilet. The old man was suprised to hear that.
  That was a legend..legend that Sebastian and the old man discovered..LEGEND OF THE TOILET GHOST.

The End. Kindly reminded that
  •  I rewrite the story! :]
  • this story really happened.
  • I just make stuffs about the 'LEGEND'. But the others is 1oo% real deal!
by ; Putri.

♥ I love you ♥

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