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Friday, March 11, 2011

Hi, peeps! It's been a week now. Busy with my study and exams.!
So, how it's hangin'? Hope you had a blast week! :) 

Not much to say, I just want to stop by and say hello to my bloggie. Anyway, HI BLOGGIE! I MISS YOU SO MUNCHIE!

Exams were over and all that left is HOLIDAYS! Yeah! Now I just have to think what I have to do during holidays. :]
Can't wait!
  • Blog . Blog . Blog .
  • Online !
  • Read book ! (sort tha)
  • and last but not the least , SLEEP LATE AND WAKE UP LATE! Yeehaa!
I go to the library this evening. Well, just to pass up the books that I've borrowed. I can't stay there long enough. Must be at home and be with my bloggie! Yippie!

Okay, now lets talk about what I really wanted to write. (WHAT THE HELL?! SO BEFORE THIS WE READ AIN'T NOTHING?! -yepp.)

I want to talk about my daddy.
Firstly, let me talk in Bahasa Malaysia. xD
(mix English)

Ok, ok. Saye bangge dengan abah! Mainly because of, die yang ajar me and my sis bace and mengaji Al-Quran. He himself! Banyak org yang dihantar utk mengaji. Tapi abah kami [WALAUPUN SELALU SIBUK AND PENAT!] die tetap mengajar kami tau! He don't want us to be in the 'ajaran sesat'.

Kalau sye, sye bknnya jenis perempuan yg bertudung and look alim. Cume ekot time je.
p/s : tak semestinye org bertudung tu baik. And, tak semestinye org tak bertudung tu jahat. OK. Just deal with it. :) And I'm not saying I'm nice. *Just saying*

Abah, you're the best! Ohh. And mak, you're amazing! Both of you, you're loved!
Kiss you abah :* Kiss you mak :*

[ drafted ... lol ]
It's 3:45pm and I'm just homed, from the school library. It was a dumb moment! Lia and I had to wait for the library to open. 
The poster on the door says like this! But it ended up not according to what Lia and I read. -.-'

Buang masa jak cangok-cangok kat muka pintu ya tek koh   ! Bena sik Lia   ! Haha. (Macam la kwu baca t0k)

So we don't enter the library! I have to go there AGAIN this monday. I don't sure it will open or not, but I will ask my sis to give it back for me. Hehe!
Mode : hopeful..... (*_*)

You know what I'm doing now? I'm facing the laptop duh! I just love the smell of my laptop! LOL!

My schedule for (saturday, sunday) next week :
Saturday , Sunday : HOLIDAY. GumihO! Can't wait!
Wuu! Love the drama! xD

Monday: Busy, busy, busy! >:(
Tuesday-Sunday: FULL OF HOLIDAY! YEAH! =)

Okay, nickasaurx98 readers! Bye. :)
May your day is full of laughter and happiness. InsyaAllah. Amin.
♥ I love you ♥

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