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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bloggie !


Hi peepstars! How are ya? O-M-G. I don't have a clue why on Earth am I so happy today? Maybe because I have a chance to meet my precious bloggie. :]
Today went so good! Probably because of - I only have one freakin' homework! (Math)
Our Maths teacher always give us homework to do. But it's okay. I love numbers!
Talking about maths, read this fun maths! Enjoy. :]
Can you find the X ? L.O.L !
And here's the other one.
Ya, duh !
Yeah, oh and about that - nah , this doesn't have a thing matter with that.
I want to talk about a Canadian guy who I really like!

He inspires me!
And I just knew that the Justin in Facebook were him! I knew it all the way. Now he's been hacked. Damn.

click to enlarge. YOU SHOULD BE!
Don't mind the other stuffs! Just focus the chat! Ish! Bencik na aku! (alu kuar basa bonda)
That's the first profile pic he used! I remembered. NEVER BEEN SO PROUD BEFORE. :'P
Wanna read our ''chatzy''?
This is our FIRST chatzy. Never forget.
p/s : that's the REAL JB! He proves it when he tweets in twitter! (forgot to capture)
PutrieJay / PutrieBee is me. Isn't it cool?! I never can forget this momment chatting with him...

  He said that. He loves his fans! :] LOVE YOU TOO, JUSTIN! JE T'AIME!

And this is a picture that Justin-REAL, edited FOR ME!

 There's a PRIVATE stuffs we talked about. L.O.L. And about the pic, although the edited-spec make me looks nerdy, I LOVE IT! Because it's from my beloved Justin! L.O.L.

I hate that FakeJB!

Until here then. Continue this Saturday -- IF I want to. Bye peepstars! Vote :3

♥ I love you ♥

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