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Saturday, March 26, 2011

  Assalamu'alaikum wbt .

Hi there, peepstars! I'm gonna make a very-very-very-very short entry. Well, enjoy?.

I'm very tired this week! It's been a week of school, now. We call it the WEEK-OF-CORRECTIONS. The teachers were giving away all our examination paper. Alhamdulillah, my results is very satisfy. And I'm happy with it! Indeed! (Except the physical education and health (PJK) very not-so satisfy with it.)
I'm very happy + satisfy with my English. Yippie! (It's because I'm the highest in class. L.O.L)

I'm sitting on a red chair and I'm thinking of some random things to do. Hmm, and I got a stupid idea. What if we can touch our left foot with our right foot? Miracle!
Well, it will look like this then . . .

  How do I do it ? Don't ask. Imma magician! ;)
I think you just tried/is trying doing this, aren't you? HAHA, well, goodluck for that! Don't break a leg, SERIOUSLY!

Hey, talking about break a leg -- it doesn't really matter. This has nothing to do with legs.
Tonight (8.3o p.m.) will gonna be dark!! Firstly, because, well, it is the use of ''night'', right? Of course it's gonna be dark. HAHA. And second, it's EARTH HOUR! Can't barely wait! The lights will off, and the darkness will shown all over the world! I just love EARTH HOUR. It's cold...

So, yesterday(Friday), my sis and I went to school for our club. We both joined the same club, that is Homemaker. Homemaker makes home stuffs like cooking, washing the dishes, sweep the floor and more! Well, yesterday we had the ''Ice-breaking''. Very fun but we only played 3 games.

  1. ''Sucking'' the nuts using the straw and bring it to the plate provided.
  2. Grabbed the rubber hair using the straw and bring it to the plate provided.
  3. Play the Family-Of-Chicken. (I'm the baby. HAHA)

Well , I think we used the 'straw' the most. It's the fun thing to do, right? NO. Oh, and I meet a new girl yesterday. She wants me to call her 'Eva'. No biggie.

 I'm bored of being bored 'cause being bored is boring. I just thought of something boring that makes me more bored.

I have no more good ideas to tell. I'm blank. I'm, I'm, I'm, nothing! What should I do..? I'm freaking bored.

 Crazy! A guy just chatted with me and asking whether I'm working. HELLO! Do I look like I'm working in a young age? Stupidity people annoys me. I'm not talking to him again. W-E-I-R-D-O.
  Wait, do I sound crazy? Of course. I always am. :]

Well , I'm off now. Bored. FREAKIN. Toodlez.

♥ I love you ♥

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