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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

OMG , Farina Yasmin !

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Assalamu'alaikum wbt .

Hey peepstars! Today I'm gonna tell you about my old pal. Talking about old, yeah it's PRETTY OLD. It's Farina Yasmin! Hey Farina! Hope you're reading this, now. HAHA.

  • Pretty
  • Nice
  • A true friend
  • She remembers me!
  • Did I mention she's pretty? SHE'S DAMN GORGEOUS!
  • O - M - G ! I'm speechless :)

There she is. GLARING AT ME. Beautiful! Damn gorgeous! :]

Actually, when I first make my Facebook, I did search for her. BUT THE PROBLEM IS THAT: I forgot her name. But my daddy still remember her. Well, he remembers her dad's name, not her's.
*HAHA, boh marah Farina!* :]

Hmm , we challenged ourselves to make long entries. Well, I, challenged her. He..he.. I love her blog, you know. :]

I remember when I used to play with her and our gang. Farina, Erna and I. The other one is might be Janette or Amira. We all are in different school now. We're all separated! (Except Erna)

When we were in kinder garden, Farina used to call me., like EVERYDAY. Sort tha? Yeah! We talked a loooot. I miss the moment with her. It would be fun if she is still in the same school as I am! Few of my friends knew her! Probably because of they were in the same primary school.

  The coolest thing about her is that -- she remembers me(most people forget their old pals you know!), she knows about my broken hand and asks me how is it now, SHE'S CARING! Awesome as always be ;]

  I challenged her to make long entries, but me myself..do not? L.O.L.
Sorry, Farina. Nothing to do with this. Hehe.

A letter to Farina . . .
Sorry Farina! Can't make any more longer entries! I guess that it's a tie! HAHA. :]

You're a true friend, you're here 'til the end.

p/s : I've read your entry. I love it. Thankyou.

♥ I love you ♥

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bloggie !

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Hi peepstars! How are ya? O-M-G. I don't have a clue why on Earth am I so happy today? Maybe because I have a chance to meet my precious bloggie. :]
Today went so good! Probably because of - I only have one freakin' homework! (Math)
Our Maths teacher always give us homework to do. But it's okay. I love numbers!
Talking about maths, read this fun maths! Enjoy. :]
Can you find the X ? L.O.L !
And here's the other one.
Ya, duh !
Yeah, oh and about that - nah , this doesn't have a thing matter with that.
I want to talk about a Canadian guy who I really like!

He inspires me!
And I just knew that the Justin in Facebook were him! I knew it all the way. Now he's been hacked. Damn.

click to enlarge. YOU SHOULD BE!
Don't mind the other stuffs! Just focus the chat! Ish! Bencik na aku! (alu kuar basa bonda)
That's the first profile pic he used! I remembered. NEVER BEEN SO PROUD BEFORE. :'P
Wanna read our ''chatzy''?
This is our FIRST chatzy. Never forget.
p/s : that's the REAL JB! He proves it when he tweets in twitter! (forgot to capture)
PutrieJay / PutrieBee is me. Isn't it cool?! I never can forget this momment chatting with him...

  He said that. He loves his fans! :] LOVE YOU TOO, JUSTIN! JE T'AIME!

And this is a picture that Justin-REAL, edited FOR ME!

 There's a PRIVATE stuffs we talked about. L.O.L. And about the pic, although the edited-spec make me looks nerdy, I LOVE IT! Because it's from my beloved Justin! L.O.L.

I hate that FakeJB!

Until here then. Continue this Saturday -- IF I want to. Bye peepstars! Vote :3

♥ I love you ♥

Saturday, March 26, 2011

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  Assalamu'alaikum wbt .

Hi there, peepstars! I'm gonna make a very-very-very-very short entry. Well, enjoy?.

I'm very tired this week! It's been a week of school, now. We call it the WEEK-OF-CORRECTIONS. The teachers were giving away all our examination paper. Alhamdulillah, my results is very satisfy. And I'm happy with it! Indeed! (Except the physical education and health (PJK) very not-so satisfy with it.)
I'm very happy + satisfy with my English. Yippie! (It's because I'm the highest in class. L.O.L)

I'm sitting on a red chair and I'm thinking of some random things to do. Hmm, and I got a stupid idea. What if we can touch our left foot with our right foot? Miracle!
Well, it will look like this then . . .

  How do I do it ? Don't ask. Imma magician! ;)
I think you just tried/is trying doing this, aren't you? HAHA, well, goodluck for that! Don't break a leg, SERIOUSLY!

Hey, talking about break a leg -- it doesn't really matter. This has nothing to do with legs.
Tonight (8.3o p.m.) will gonna be dark!! Firstly, because, well, it is the use of ''night'', right? Of course it's gonna be dark. HAHA. And second, it's EARTH HOUR! Can't barely wait! The lights will off, and the darkness will shown all over the world! I just love EARTH HOUR. It's cold...

So, yesterday(Friday), my sis and I went to school for our club. We both joined the same club, that is Homemaker. Homemaker makes home stuffs like cooking, washing the dishes, sweep the floor and more! Well, yesterday we had the ''Ice-breaking''. Very fun but we only played 3 games.

  1. ''Sucking'' the nuts using the straw and bring it to the plate provided.
  2. Grabbed the rubber hair using the straw and bring it to the plate provided.
  3. Play the Family-Of-Chicken. (I'm the baby. HAHA)

Well , I think we used the 'straw' the most. It's the fun thing to do, right? NO. Oh, and I meet a new girl yesterday. She wants me to call her 'Eva'. No biggie.

 I'm bored of being bored 'cause being bored is boring. I just thought of something boring that makes me more bored.

I have no more good ideas to tell. I'm blank. I'm, I'm, I'm, nothing! What should I do..? I'm freaking bored.

 Crazy! A guy just chatted with me and asking whether I'm working. HELLO! Do I look like I'm working in a young age? Stupidity people annoys me. I'm not talking to him again. W-E-I-R-D-O.
  Wait, do I sound crazy? Of course. I always am. :]

Well , I'm off now. Bored. FREAKIN. Toodlez.

♥ I love you ♥

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Say what , now ?

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Assalamu'alaikum wbt .

Hi, peeps! How is it hangin'? I'm at home alone, yo! (well, not really. My grandma and my aunt's here too. Pretend I don't see 'em..)

L e t s     c o n t i n u e . . .

My parents and my sis are going to Sibu. So, I'm gonna chillex at home instead of going there. I hate going far from home. (even if it's only opposite our house!) No, no. I'm not cocky! It's just that I'm lazy to get my butts off. Whoopsy! Bad word! Get it out of your mind, k? ;D

Today I want to share something with you. I hope you like it. :)

just the beginning . . .

click to enlarge.

so cute ! aren't they?

rawr !

Minthe ^___^

Vannila ^_____^ *blurr*

I just love to draw. It's my favourite hobby! :)

Joke of the day ,
Hell yeah.

I don't know what to say here. I'm baby sitting a cat with three kittens. Pretty cute. Wanna see 'em?

Here's the mommy . :)

And here's the three cute lil' kittens! Pretty cute, huh?

Sorry, sis! I stole two of these pics! I can't upload 'em. Teehee. Don't mad at me, yea? ;D

Well, sampai di sini sahaje lah coretan saye. (Tibe2 cakap lam bahase melayu! hahak!)

Bye peeps.
♥ I love you ♥

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Super M ♥

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A woman who raise two child and give her love to them is such an amazing person-Putri Azri

We all have Super M in our home and we know who's she. She's just super!
Today , I wanna do poems for my beloved momma!

Well, my Super M is fantastic as she could be. Firstly, I LOVE HER. And second, SHE LOVES ME.

A woman that's been called ''mak'',
A woman that never gives up and
never feels tired of raising us.

You're a loving, caring, and sweet,
You rub those tears when I'm down,
You gave us faith for what we do.

Your so gentle, yet so strong.
The many ways you show you care
Always make me feel where I belong.

You give guidance when I ask,
You have your patients when I'm foolish,
It seems you can do most anything,
You're the master of every task.

I love you more than you know,
You have my total respect,
If I had my choice of mothers,
You'd be the one I'd select!

You're awesome!
You make the best cook! (And it's supaaa delicious!)
I wish that when I grow up, I wanna be as loving as you, momma!

I look tubby here -__-'' momma, beautiful as always! <3pic taken : last year!
 Momma, without you. . .
There would be no me.
Your love, your strength, your attention,
Have made me who I am. (that is Putri Azri)
Without you, there would be an empty space.
I could never fill, no matter how I tried.
Because of you,
I have joy, guidance and peace.
Thank you, momma!
I have always loved you,
and I always will!

Thousands of THANKS, momma!
Thanks - when it's Mothers Day, it brings to me a thousands things you did for me. ♥

This post is specially to my momma, my SUPER M!
♥ I love you ♥

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Legend Of The Toilet Ghost.

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  Hey readers. I just finished watch the Korean Drama, My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho. Perfect as always. (L.O.L) So I just came by to do my blogging!

Wonder why I put the title ''Legend Of The Toilet Ghost''? Well, I have put this as my post few months ago. But it's been deleted (by me). It is suppose to be written in Malay. But I'm still gonna use English! English is fun!

Anyway, here it goes . . .

This is a true story based on the newspaper I've read few years ago...

two best friends .

  It happens when a guy named John (as I remember), who lives in a big house with his best friend, Sebastian. (sorry.I don't remember his friend's name.) died. John is a guy who really likes to go to the toilet. One day when he died, he gives his house to Sebastian. Sebastian hired a mad maid(guy) to help him in his daily activities. (As I can remember. Don't blame me!)

  One night when Sebastian was fast asleep, his maid is cleaning up the kitchen table. Then he heard something near the toilet. At first he doesn't care about the sound as if he thinks it is only a cat making stupid noises or either Sebastian is in the toilet. So, he doesn't care much.

He continued on cleaning the table. . .

  Suddenly, he heard the voices again, for the second time! And at that moment he felt suspicious. He slowly went near the toilet...

He opened the door . . .
''Eiiiiiiiikkkkkkhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!'', sound the door as if it is wreck. Then he saw something...something's dark and moving sitting inside the toilet!

  ''Sir?'' he cried. ''Is that you, sir?''. (Well, I forgot to mention he's an old man, so he sees stuff not clear enough.) The dark moving thingy just look down and moving his body left..right..left..right.. Then the thingy asked him to get the tissues for him. (maybe he's defecating? Yeah)

  So the old man just give him the tissues. The moving thingy then asked him to get out. He quickly get out and went to the living room. Then suddenly...

''Ouch!'' Sebastian and the old man cried. ''Oh, sorry sir! Have you been out of the toilet?'' The old man continue. ''Toilet? I'm just about to go there now.''
Then it was just a silence happened.

  ''But sir...never mind.'' His suspicious were shown in his face. It's impossible!

If Sebastian wasn't in there, so who was? Then he realized that the thingy was not Sebastian. (He only remembers the moving thingy's body shaped and his hair.) It's other thing..other living things..other person..other ghost? He started to think.

  It was midnight and they both asleep.

  The next morning, the old man told Sebastian about what he saw in the toilet last night. Sebastian's eyes were rugose. Then he quickly stands up and searched for his photo album. After a few minutes, Sebastian shows a picture of him with his best friend, John. The old man open his eyes widely and scream ''That's him! That's the guy I saw!''

  Sebastian told the old man that the guy has dead. He loves to go to the toilet. The old man was suprised to hear that.
  That was a legend..legend that Sebastian and the old man discovered..LEGEND OF THE TOILET GHOST.

The End. Kindly reminded that
  •  I rewrite the story! :]
  • this story really happened.
  • I just make stuffs about the 'LEGEND'. But the others is 1oo% real deal!
by ; Putri.

♥ I love you ♥

Friday, March 11, 2011

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Hi, peeps! It's been a week now. Busy with my study and exams.!
So, how it's hangin'? Hope you had a blast week! :) 

Not much to say, I just want to stop by and say hello to my bloggie. Anyway, HI BLOGGIE! I MISS YOU SO MUNCHIE!

Exams were over and all that left is HOLIDAYS! Yeah! Now I just have to think what I have to do during holidays. :]
Can't wait!
  • Blog . Blog . Blog .
  • Online !
  • Read book ! (sort tha)
  • and last but not the least , SLEEP LATE AND WAKE UP LATE! Yeehaa!
I go to the library this evening. Well, just to pass up the books that I've borrowed. I can't stay there long enough. Must be at home and be with my bloggie! Yippie!

Okay, now lets talk about what I really wanted to write. (WHAT THE HELL?! SO BEFORE THIS WE READ AIN'T NOTHING?! -yepp.)

I want to talk about my daddy.
Firstly, let me talk in Bahasa Malaysia. xD
(mix English)

Ok, ok. Saye bangge dengan abah! Mainly because of, die yang ajar me and my sis bace and mengaji Al-Quran. He himself! Banyak org yang dihantar utk mengaji. Tapi abah kami [WALAUPUN SELALU SIBUK AND PENAT!] die tetap mengajar kami tau! He don't want us to be in the 'ajaran sesat'.

Kalau sye, sye bknnya jenis perempuan yg bertudung and look alim. Cume ekot time je.
p/s : tak semestinye org bertudung tu baik. And, tak semestinye org tak bertudung tu jahat. OK. Just deal with it. :) And I'm not saying I'm nice. *Just saying*

Abah, you're the best! Ohh. And mak, you're amazing! Both of you, you're loved!
Kiss you abah :* Kiss you mak :*

[ drafted ... lol ]
It's 3:45pm and I'm just homed, from the school library. It was a dumb moment! Lia and I had to wait for the library to open. 
The poster on the door says like this! But it ended up not according to what Lia and I read. -.-'

Buang masa jak cangok-cangok kat muka pintu ya tek koh   ! Bena sik Lia   ! Haha. (Macam la kwu baca t0k)

So we don't enter the library! I have to go there AGAIN this monday. I don't sure it will open or not, but I will ask my sis to give it back for me. Hehe!
Mode : hopeful..... (*_*)

You know what I'm doing now? I'm facing the laptop duh! I just love the smell of my laptop! LOL!

My schedule for (saturday, sunday) next week :
Saturday , Sunday : HOLIDAY. GumihO! Can't wait!
Wuu! Love the drama! xD

Monday: Busy, busy, busy! >:(
Tuesday-Sunday: FULL OF HOLIDAY! YEAH! =)

Okay, nickasaurx98 readers! Bye. :)
May your day is full of laughter and happiness. InsyaAllah. Amin.
♥ I love you ♥