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Friday, January 28, 2011

Weird Cool weeks .

 Hi ! :D

26th January : We knew we would have our assembly . So , when we went to the place where we had our assembly , I suddenly remembered about what happened to me last few weeks when I had to go to the , kinda , sort tha' , like the special room for the ones who were sick , vomiting , felt like want to fell down . So , I went in there because I am suddenly felt like want to vomit , fainting , and so on . It was the creepiest thing I ever had done in my entire whole life !
And I was so scared it would happened again . But suddenly , I SAW HIM . I saw him , he was watching me. There were butterflies , it was a spring day , the flower blooms so quick as if it was watered everyday ! ( perhaps it would die , but no , it don't ! ) what am I so happy about when seeing him ? He's just a friend . I'm just a friend to him . Ergh , never mind . Guess what ? I feel better after that . :) Hehe..
At the evening , we had our 'class-meeting' at school . Our teacher , Madam Christina , asked us to decorate our class beautifully . So , there we were . Busy putting the desk pad . Coloured blue with yellow flower . The teacher told us to help each other as well , so , there I was . Busy helping the others with their desk . But when I wanted to do mine , NO ONE were there to help me . What a shamed ! They supposed to help me . My desk isn't nice enough now . But I still can use it ! No ones were there . None of them . Jaek .
When I get home , OH MY FAIR GOD . I forgot all about my homeworks because of busy complaining about the desk . My mom was so angry at me . Hehe ..

27th January : Not much to talk to . I mean , it's a lot . But I forgot . School like always . Can't wait for afternoon to have my Kawad ♥  That day , it was a transvestites ( pondan ) whom teached us . I hate him ! He is so so so .. gross ! Ergh . We did our punishment because he said we were doing it wrongly . And I hate SUSLYS....!!!!!!!!!
Angry time : Dah la ngegeh ! Caken .! Suka nganok orang ! Suke lah time kiterang buat hukuman ! Shit you SUSLYS ! Name dah lah burok ! Ergh ! Hate you ! Semue orang yang aku benci mesti start with letter S . 
masama! Gusto ko sa inyo ang mamatay! mamatay! mamatay! mamatay !!!!!!! tae. sa tingin mo magaling ka?
Of course no ! Sot .
28th January : We had our Science Test today , the person beside me is so 'nyebelin' . I told her not to ask me question because you know , it's a test ! And after the test finished , she was complaining silently , although i only heard it a little bit , I know she's complaining about me . Whatever .
  My friend , Natasha Elida , is moving to Tanjung Manis today . Saddy . 
Went home and fighting with my sis , again!!! She always mad at me -.-' She always started first ! And she always started first ! Huh . Every day is not complete if it is isn't a fight .

 Just now I ate my grandma 'Bubo Keben' .

Yummy ! It taste delicious ! Mmm :)

- Bye . Follow me . I'll follow back . :) -

rewrite : 31 January 2o11
==[ Recipe Bubo Keben ]==
( Sarawak version )
Ninek kamek padah kedak tok ,

  • Ambik aik nior , then mixed nya dengan satu telo
  • Rebus aik ya
  • Roti keben ya di basuh dolok
  • Kah ya , engkah la roti keben ya tek ke dalam air nok direbus ya

Jeng , jeng , jeng .. Siaplah ''Bubo Keben'' ya tek ! :D

♥ I love you ♥

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