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Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Post ! Yippie ka Yeah !

  Yeeha ! I am so happy to make this new post ! How are you guys ? Check out my new background ! It's my sweet parents Oh , and thanks for following ! I really appreciate it . I will surely gonna follow you back ! I promise .
( I can't do it now because it seems like my laptop is in a bad mood . Hope patient . )

  I just finished my school work just now . I can't believe I'm about to say this , but I just LOVE doing school works ! Even if it's tons of 'em .
  The cool and weird part at my school is that : Si Yin ( the girl besides me ) actually talks to me ! And when we started talking like old pals , the teacher told us she will rearrange our sits . Damn it . But it's okay ! I'm lovin' it .. Hehe
  How are you guys with your school ? Fun ? Bored ? Interesting ? Like always ? EXTRA ORDINARY AWESOME ? Hell yeah , I choose that .
  Today , I got a fever . Not BIEBER FEVER . Even my mom , sis , aunt get sick as well too . Harsh ! I hope we will get better soon enough . I usually bath at this time , but now , I am freezingly-coldah ! Whatever .

[ Layan Jer ]
The very first time that I seen your face , 
i always knew that we'll be friends , 
but then suddenly these felling , 
i never felt started to kick in , 
now it really got me questioning , 
what i must say or do ?, 
how will i know if its true , all i know is..
  Bye . I gotta go now . IHeartYou :)
xoxo Putri .
♥ I love you ♥

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