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Saturday, January 8, 2011

2o11 Stories .


It's been a week for me being a High School student . What a pleasure . Kinda miss my old school . A lot of things happened to me this year .
  I sit with a chinese girl , named Lin . She don't talk much . So , there's not much of conversations going on . I also learned something : Sometimes , you don't need conversations :)
  I meet a lot of new friends . In our class , there are a lot of girls than boys are . Hey , you want to see my new school and the old one ? Here's the pic of it !

    I think the second picture is kinda blur ? Yeah . I took the pictures from google .
 Our school's motive is Non Scholae Sed Vitae . It's a latin word actually . So it's kinda sounds like this: Naun Serrkoley Saed VYtey .

At our first day of school , we totally have a

            S I L E N C E !

moment ! The teacher said we look like an angel on the first week . So , they mean that on the second week of the school , we're gonna be TALKATIVE ! And I do agree :)

  A lot of teachers say the same things like this !
Yadi Yada Yada !! I'm tired hearing that . Especially when it have to do anything with homeworks ! But this year , I've been pretty good . I totally stretched out my ears long enough to hear all what the teachers saying . Even though I don't understand enough :D
  I make my homeworks and past up on time . Not like always , I thought . Like last year , ex : the teachers gave me homeworks today , but I give it the third day after that .
  This year , I can't do that or I will get a bad mark for my attitude . I don't want to be a bad student this year . That's my aim ! I promise to study smartly , and only open my computer during the weekends . DEAL !

Read . Read . Read . Read . Read . And Read More Books . Especially History ! It's so freakin hard ! And my Bahasa Malaysia . It's gonna be so hard if I don't study good enough . I'm not afraid of English , because English have the same standard as my old school . Which is not very hard for me .
  How about Geographic ? Oh my Gosh ! It would be so hard T^T
Ergh ! Why is that evil boy still talking to me ?! Nah . I am NOT talking about him here . Whatever .

Yesterday ,
  We had our orientation at Dewan Suarah . We also had our Chicken Dance . It was such a fun time ! Haha .
I meet two person that have the same name as I am . But both of them are boys . Heheh . L.O.L.
  One of them sat beside me yesterday . We don't talk much . Maybe because I'm too shy ? Haha . Whatever .
  I am so happy that 'freak' isn't the same class with me ! Oh , our class is known as Neptune . Cool , right ? Of course ! We're on space ! (J.J. xD)
  Oh , I'm kinda 'red' yesterday . It's because of one of my friend . I won't say the name . He say I look kinda , tubby . What should I say ? I love being tubby :) But I don't like 'her' attitude ! She , laughed so hard . That is so uncool , dude . You should see yourself in the mirror ! You are just like me ! Only that your short .
FACE - IT . You are FAT and SHORT . You say bla3 about other people but you don't recgonize , you , yourself have the same characteristic as them , too !
  You just simply hurt people's feelings . MY FEELINGS ! I know that I am not pretty as you think ! But I know someone that just complained about other's property but meanwhile doesn't know what she herself got ! Like you always said '' YOU ARE SUCH A KEYPO AR ! ''

 Hufft ! Feeling much better now .

Bye . But it isn't finish yet ! Wait for my next post ! :) Toodles !

**My God ! I'm chatting with the person that have the same name as I am ! ^___^
♥ I love you ♥

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