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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What's on my mind.

Hey, guys. How are you? My story today is ''What's on my mind?'' I tell you, what's on my mind!
It's sadness. FULL OF SADNESS. Oh, what the heck. It's not ''FULL'' of sadness. I am just...sad. Nowadays, I always did something wrong. Why the hell would she mad at me? I don't have a clue. I'm just...out of it. I don't get her. She makes me feels like I don't know do nothing! I feel like a jerk. Everytime I ask her something, she will get mad. She was like, WHY YOU ASK ME THAT STUPID QUESTION? YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO. STOP BEING CHILDISH!.
  Childish? How can I insult that up? I am a child! I'm still small and wants to be childish (L.O.L) Everytime I ask something, I surely would think twice. And guess what? She will never stops mad at me. I feel...weird. <WTF mode?>
  And everytime I open my P.C, she will say, Oh God. She will be just sittin' there facin' the P.C. Perhaps, won't get up unless I say so. HURMPH!. Then she'll put a tiger face, which I know that's the sign to close my P.C. But why? I only open for likes a sec! And if I open it till 30 minutes, she will say, There's she go again.. She makes me feel I'm a jerk. I hate it.
  So, I HAVE to close it. You wouldn't leave her words scaring you like every minutes! Huff. Oh..Oh.. I think she's staring at me now.......L.O.L.

  OH MY GOD! My grandma is sick. HARDLY IN SICKNESS. She can't get up. Well, she wanted to go to toilet, BUT SHE CAN'T. I feel horrible. She have her pee on the cement in the living room! Don't laugh. I LOVE HER. We have to wait for Yan Kimbey, or I called him Pak Suharto to get here. He'll help us to carry grandma on the car to the clinic. Hope she's okay soon. Amin.
  Now, 3:00 p.m, she will usually asks us to open T.V for her. She loves watching her favourite 'sinetron'-Cahaya. But today, she don't want us to open it for her. Usually, if she doesn't want to watch T.V, she'll sleep. But today, she says she don't want to sleep. Doesn't feel sleepy, she said. Hmm.
  I helped her to wear her shirt just now. She said to me ''It's almost the 'time', kid.'' That's stupid word I've ever heard! NO! It is not the time yet! I won't let you leave me. I love grandma! Everyone else love grandma! Even the cats love grandma! They know your smell. They know your voice everytime you call them when it's the time to eat. And they always love you. You can't leave us! Hope you'll better soon! Very soooon!
  < 3:18p.m > Yes! Pak Suharto has finally arrived! Mommy quickly ask him to...'massage' her. Then, they will go to the clinic to meet the doctor. She's fine..SHE IS FINE! I won't let anything happened to her!
  Oh shit, he keeps telling : You're okay. It's just a small flu. Please sit up. You're just cold.
WTF?! Just go on doing what you are supposed to do at here! Huhh. Finally.
Look how beautiful my grandma is:
 Hey, hey...that's beautiful!........for an old granny. *Peace!*
yay! My grandma is ok now. After that man massage her. L.O.L. You're pretty good, old man :)
Ok, I gotta go. Toodles.
♥ I love you ♥

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