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Thursday, December 23, 2010

What's on my mind. (2)

  Man, it's so bored here. I can't do anything. And where are you? I miss you a lot, my friend. Why are you ignoring my message? Is your phone is out of credits? Or, at your place you can't text? Well, that brings me boredom.
 Oh, my grandma is okay now. Maybe it was just an old woman's type of sick? Yeah...sort tha'. Man! My legs are cramps! I can't feel anything. Probably because I'm too cold. I'm in my room, with air-corn opened. FREEZING COLD.
  And, I am also watching 'Opera Van Java'. It's the coolest and funniest drama show in Indonesia! I watch it like...every nights! :D
  Oh. I gotta go. Good night, everyone! Sleep tight. Hope you'll have a sweet dream of your lover. HA! HA! J.J. xD

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