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Monday, December 27, 2010

What I wanna talk about today?

  Today, I woke up at 9:00a.m...like always. My mom and sis woke up early today...like always. I went to bath late...like always. You should call me 'Lately-Girl', because I'm always late. So, after that, I go downstairs for breakfast. I ate three curry-puffs, and a cup of tea. (Do I need to say? L.O.L) After that, I open the T.V. First I watched was..err, I forgot, sorry. (L.O.L)
  Actually, I have no idea what to tell today. I just write something...yeah. Something isn't in my head? Yeah. Kinda. Today, my family and I went to a cafe. I drink Tea-C-Special. It looks like this ::

L.O.L, I know what you think. Why is it green in colour? Yeah, I thought like that too.

Hurmmmm, I MISS MY HUBBY ♥ (lol. cocky much? haha.. don't jealous! :P)

 Ha..Ha.. I miss you like crazy, even more the words can say! Lets just say his name is Zylgwyn. (I think you might know him. If you don't, HE'S CUTE OR WHAT?! :D And guess what! He's mine! Mwhaha!)  Zylgy
I tried to be chilled, but you so hot that I melted!

  • WO AI NEE!
  • Maiṁ tumasē pyāra karatā hūm̐!
  • Watashi wa anata o aishite imasu!
  • Ako mahal ikaw!
  • Akui ikem ikak!
  • Aku sayau ke nuan!
  • Kamek sayang kitak!

I can say as many of those words to you xILYx

  Okay, goodnight, guys. And goodnight, Zylgy :)
♥ I love you ♥

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