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Sunday, December 26, 2010

We're moving China ?!

It all started like this . . .
The characters are; Lia, Ika, Yaya, Naie, Nick, Nio, Siew Min, Putit, Isaiac, daddy, A.N.T.H.E.S., A.N.T.H.E.S's bro.

  It was a couple week after my daddy was told to be sent in China to continue his work. So, he HAVE to bring mommy, sis, and I, of course.  My sis and I was totally felt like, OH MY GOD. How about our friends? And what?! To china?! The furthest place my friends's dad were only in Kuala Lumpur! But, why my daddy to CHINA? Freakin' huh.

  We are busy arranging the clothes, the whatever important stuffs, and put it in our bags. I was in my room, thinking, why on Earth daddy were sent to China? And, WHY THE HELL WE MUST LEAVE? I texted my friends to tell them all about that. My friends were terrified! So do I.

  When it was a week left, I feel like...Oh My God! Oh My God! What should I do? Then, I brought up a fantastic ideas with my friends. The last day I'm here, my friends and I have a K.K at school. So, I planned we can chit-chat and have fun before I leave.

  I.am.so.sad...!! When it's about five more days for my family and I go to China, I really feel like I wanna leave the house and run away to my friend's house!

  Then I realize, I REALLY CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT MY BFF!! (Lia, Ika, Yaya, Naie, Nick, Putit, Isaiac, Nio-a bit.-, Anne) I keep thinking about them like every...minutes!

  Then, it WAS THE LAST DAY AT SARIKEI. I was very sad!! Who wouldn't sad if you can't see your friends again?

  Then, we chit-chat at school;
*Me eating chocolate NIPS.*
Lia:: Put, are you really goin to leave Sarikei?
Nio:: Yeah. Are you? I will not have a chance to bully you again.
Put(me):: Yea, I will. Nio, you're stupid. But I'm gonna miss you.
Lia:: Really? I'm so sad.
Yaya:: Put, please don't go. I will feel lonely without you.
Naie:: You mean US!
Yaya:: Yea, we all gonna feel lonely!
Put(me):: Sorry, guys. I really gotta go. Like, tomorrow!
Putit:: Nick, you keep on eating! Like Siew Min!! Don't you care about her? STUPID.
Siew Min:: Whaa?
Nick:: What? I'm just eating.
A.N.T.H.E.S:: Why you have to go?
Put(me):: *Huhh.. Like I don't know you would feel happy if I go!!!! :P* ...
Lia:: Oi! A.N.T.H.E.S! Your brother has come! Go home, now.
A.N.T.H.E.S:: Okay, bye.
*ANTHES just leave the chat*
Ika:: I'm glad she's goin home! I've tired hearing her talking bout her boyfriend.
Putit:: She's cocky, duwh!
Nio:: Put......Putt...........Puttttttt..................!! For the last time, please? Hehe..
Put(me):: I'm gonna miss that. =(
*Daddy's coming.*
All:: Awww. T___T you're going home now? Why is your daddy comes to quick? We're still wanna chat with you!
Put(me):: Yeah. I'm gonna miss you. Bye?
Nick:: Bye.
Put(me):: Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick!!, take the NIPS. *siew min quickly take the NIPS from him.* if.....Siew Min doesn't finish it..haha.
Nick:: Okay(:
*ran to my daddy*
Nio:: Won't you follow her? Huhh! Just let her take all the sins.....evil boy.
Nick:: What?! She doesn't have any sins.

  Then I left them. I have smiled at them too :) I'M REALLY GONNA MISS THEM! (Except Siew Min.)

Then suddenly. . . . . . . .
 ''Wake up, you sleepy head! It's 9 a.m!!''
Oh My God! It was all a DREAM!??

♥ I love you ♥

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