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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

School Mode...ON !

  Aaah, I can't wait for school. Wait, how many times did I say this? Ha! Ha! Never mind. But I am a lil' bit nervous. Lets say, who won't be nervous if it's the first time she/he goes for High School? Even my grandma is nervous when I teach her ABC's. I'm good teaching her. What can I say? I'm a great teacher. Ha..Ha.
  I teach my grandma ABC's, 123's, and I also teach her to spelled. But when it's up to writing, her hands went on juggling! A perfect O, becomes like this? ::

  L.O.L. That's stupid. How can I teach a 70+ years old granny to write? But I think grandma's handwriting is nice enough...for her age.....you got me? Uhum! Moving along!

  Now, I'm turning 13 years old. No more cartoon(Huhu), no more playing with doll, no more playing stuffs on internet(Except blog...yippie!) and no more stupid essays! Hey, talking 'bout stupid essays, I think you should read this(if you understand) :

Ha! Ha! That was hilarious! I like the part ''saya takut dia mengigih OlO saya''. Lmfao!
  You think that's funny? LOL! Me too!
Oh, and, i forgot, no more Facebook. (Huhu). Talking 'bout Facebook, here's another funny pics just for you!
  Read this one, on how the 'ancient' people write status on their facebook. Fabulous!::

 cool? check out the other one!

L.O.L? How about this one!

L.O.L!!! (<-- like what's Puteri Gunung Ledang said.) Ha..Ha.. Like it? Vote! Love it? Comment!
   Toodlez. Read my other post again next time! Oh, and thanks for visiting my Blog. :) *kiss..kiss..*
                                    xoxo Putri.

♥ I love you ♥

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