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Friday, December 24, 2010

The Continues...Part 3.

  Hey guys. How are you? Good? Well then, I, feel very much better now. But like everyday, I always get scolded. Hmm, you know what? I felt like everything I do, makes everyone mad at me. Than I just thought to myself, what did I do just now? Oh brother!
  Now, like always, strike 9 o'clock at night, I will surely open the T.V to watch my favourite Indonesian show, Opera Van Java. It's fabulous. It always surely gonna make me laugh! More than 'someone' do. Well, talking 'bout 'someone' here, he just texted me just now. He's at Serian, Sarawak now. (I know..I know.. I don't need to write this. But guess what? It's my post, my story!)
p/s: That 'someone' doesn't mean anything to me, okay! He's just a friend.
  My other friend is at his hometown right now. He texted me this morning. Like what I thought, at his hometown, he can't text because there's no line. <--get those.? Me neither. L.O.L
  I'm waiting for my cake done. W-wait, I mean, not a real-real cake. Just a play-cake on FaceBook game application - Cafe Life. I'm just bored. So, I try many types of games to make me feel better...and fun.

==[High School]==
  Well actually, today, I've got no story to tell. NO IDEA. Yeah. Not like always. Oh, just to tell after 31th of December, I will rarely view my blog because it's the day for us to get to know our new teachers, classmates and even the classes. Oh! You must know! Next year, I will be in Secondary School, as if High School.
  How would it feel to be in high school? Fun? Excited? Scary? But the best part is, I'm gonna meet my new friends from other school! Can't wait! It would be fun...HOPE SO. I really really realllllly hope my new friends will be nice and sweet as sugar! Like my old friends are...sort tha'.
  I'll use new clothes, new hair style, new bag, new everything! And obviously, NEW LIFE, of course! Ohh, I can just dream of it! And, yeah, NO NEW BOY. (Lmao!)
Hope the :
  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Staffs
  • My old friends (hope they are still remembering me)
Are nice to me...and kind to. Not to strict, I hope :)

Ha! Ha! Today, O.V.J are absolutely making my stomach fell off again! They are just...oh, I don't know: STUPID! Ha! Ha! They are doin' it again! Making my tears fall down! Lmao!!

Okay, toodles everyone. Have a nice sleep tonight, eh? Good night! *kiss..kiss..*

                                                               xoxo Putri
♥ I love you ♥

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