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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Hey, guys. How's your day? I hope you enjoyed it very much :)
  Today, I went Sibu with my family. It was kinda fun. We have our lunch at S.C.R (Singapore Chicken Rice.) And I still drink the same drink as yesterday, which is Tea-C-Special. But it doesn't look green as yesterday. Tea-C-Special is my favourite! And it also reminds me of someone...whatever.
  Tomorrow, mommy, sis, daddy and I are going for a party at my daddy's work-place. They'll have a Karaoke. I think I should bring a camera along to take a picture of my daddy!! He's gonna sing? Oh My God! I never heard him singing! Well, I do, but he sang it softly so I can't hear. But tomorrow, ohh, haha. It will be a blast! I can imagine my daddy's singing! O.M.F.G! L.O.L!
  Oh, it's raining here.

~ Man, I gotta go. Bye. :)
♥ I love you ♥

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